Core EOS.IO C++ Development

Block.One has done a great job in delivering EOS.IO to the world. Now, let's help further expand on that by investing in the core development for the Telos chain! Core Dev Proxy looks for Block Producers who are committed to supporting and enhancing the core EOS.IO software.

Core Tools Development

A chain without useful, user-friendly tools is just a link. We stand by wallets, dApps, analysis tools, bots and similar services from the same Block Producers we give our votes to.

Producing blocks alone is NOT enough!

Give Back / Commuinity Builder

Core EOS.IO development and useful tools are critical foundational elements for Telos. Getting involved in the community via grants, meetups, and more are also paramount. We support community-facing Block Producers who engage with their community.

Who We Are

Block Producers are primarily motivated by one thing - gaining the support of as many voters as possible to help them maintain a paid position in the network. The team behind Core Dev Proxy thinks they should work for this by producing more than blocks.

There are bugs that needs to be fixed; enhancements that needs to be added; user-friendly tools that needs to be created; and communities that needs to be taught. Block Producers in a paid position should commit to investing a portion of their rewards to these areas to help push the chain forward. If trusted with your votes, we commit to selecting Telos Block Producers who fulfill our requirement of giving back to the chain and to the community.

Core Dev Proxy is brought to you by members of the Telos core development team. Peter Bue and Marlon Williams currently control the keys to this proxy.

Support Core Dev Proxy

Download and install the Sqrl wallet, (a tool brought to you by one of our Block Producers!) and vote for coredevproxy.